Jared Lee is a soulful pop singer/songwriter from Los Angeles whose debut EP “Falling Through Holes” was released last year. His most recent single “It’s Over(Goodbye)” continues to create a buzz: The song has been featured on Season 10 of American Idol and has debuted at #40 on “Adult Pop” BDS Chart! I discovered Jared Lee a few years ago now, he achieved so many things to get where he is right now. He’s such a good performer and is really passionate about music. Get to know Jared Lee through this interview and be sure to download your copy of his debut EP still available on iTunes here

YMR: For the readers who don’t know you yet, how would you describe your music in a few words? 

JARED LEE: I would describe it as very melodic and soulful pop music.

YMR: You are originally from Boston, how was your life back then? Where did you draw your inspiration to sing and write songs? 

JARED LEE: Boston is an incredible city with great history and appreciation for its sports teams:)  I loved growing up there and had a very supportive family that got me involved in musical activities at an early age.  We spent hours singing harmonies together on car trips and I was involved in many singing and performance groups in school.  The majority of the inspiration for my songs comes from personal experiences.  I write what I feel or go through.  Its therapeutic and honest. Sometimes Ill write about a friend’s experience or use my imagination or get inspired by a certain place or thing that I see but its never something I really plan.

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YMR: You moved to Los Angeles and signed to BMG Chrysalis. Did you know exactly what you wanted to do musically?

JARED LEE: I knew the type of music I liked to sing and perform but I think as an artist you are constantly developing, growing and setting new goals.  Getting the chance to work with so many different writers and producers was and still is something I am very grateful for and has helped me in terms of shaping a direction and sound.

YMR: You released your first EP “Falling Through Holes” last year. It has been produced by Mike K (Nelly Furtado, Natasha Bedingfield) How did this collaboration happen and what kind of memories do you keep from this first recording? 

JARED LEE: I met Mike through his publishing company and we had great musical chemistry.  I ended up going down to his studio in nashville on 3 separate occasions and we recorded the EP and a few other songs over the course of 5 weeks or so.

It was very cool being in his studio creating with no distractions. With the exception of one or two other players we did everything ourselves and I am very happy with how it turned out.  I remember being very excited for people to hear this music and putting everything I had into the recording process.

YMR: Why did you choose to name your EP “Falling Through Holes” and which kind of topics do you like to address in your lyrics? 

JARED LEE: I chose this title because I felt it was a metaphor reflective of what I was experiencing in my life at the time.  I was dealing with many obstacles and as soon as I seemed to overcome them, new things would surface pulling me backwards again.  From the difficulties of the industry and the challenges I faced with my music to a break up I was going through and other struggles in my personal life, this is what I felt and I think you can detect the honesty and passion in my voice on the records and in the  lyrics

YMR: The first single taken from your EP is “It’s Over (Goodbye)” you then released your first music video which features two actresses (Cassie Scerbo and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) How did the video shoot go? and do you remember in which state of mind you where before going on the set? 

JARED LEE: I was a little nervous because this was my first big video shoot and the girls were very attractive and also veterans at being on screen so I didnt want to mess up!

I had a really great time though..everyone at the shoot both on camera and behind the scenes was great to work with and now I cant wait to shoot my next one.

Check out his first music video for “It’s Over (Goodbye)”

YMR: You opened for artists such as Gavin de Graw, Train, Brian McKnight.. What would you be your dream collaboration? 

JARED LEE: It has been incredible for me to open of for some of the artists I have looked up to for so long.  I try to study and learn from them.  I love collaborating with other artists and musicians so I have a long list but some that come to mind are Alicia Keys, Pink, Sting.

Jared Lee Opens for Train in Las Vegas

YMR: Your songs “Beautiful World” and “It’s Over (Goodbye) have been featured on Season 10 of American Idol. Do you watch it? Did you ever think of auditioning for it? 

JARED LEE: I have to give American Idol mad props for giving me those opportunities.  In fact they played another one of my songs, “Hooray for Hollywood” on this seasons show which was just awesome.  Its unbelievable how many people that show reaches and I really respect the fact they take some chances with newer artists like myself.  I do watch the show and it blows my mind how many talented singers there are in this world that just may not have had a chance to be discovered yet.  I think the show is a tremendous vehicle and platform for new artists.  In many ways, television show like IDOL are becoming the new A&R process….and anyone who is an artist trying to break in has to be mindful of that so…

YMR: You’re playing at the Viper Room in LA on saturday 28th April. What are your future plans for this year, do you have a release date for your debut album?

JARED LEE: Im very excited to play VIPER ROOM as its one of the historic spots in LA I have not yet played.   I am in the process of booking many more shows for the summer and fall and we are talking about the release of a 2nd single so well probably shoot a video for that soon.  We are deciding between 3 songs so hopefully we make a good decision :)

Check out Jared Lee’s performance at the Roxy in LA

YMR: On our blog, every sunday (for the #sundaysmusicrefill) we’re asking our readers to suggest us new artists. What artists would you recommend we check out? What are you listening to at the moment?

JARED LEE: Take listen to my buddy Shawn Hook from Canada and Graffiti6 from the UK



Check out Jared Lee’s official website: http://www.jaredleemusic.com

Connect with Jared Lee on Facebook http://facebook.com/jaredleemusic

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @JaredLeeMusic

Get your ticket for the VIPER ROOM this saturday here

Check out Jared Lee on iTunes: Falling Through Holes, It’s Over (Goodbye) 

Shout out to his street teams @JLeeStreetTeam & @JLeeUniverse

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